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2022 Final Race Results

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Heat NumberDayDivisionTeamStart TimeLanePlaceFinish Time
1SaturdayMasters WomenDragonSprites Masters9:00 AM1
1SaturdayMasters WomenGig Harbor Masters Women9:00 AM2
1SaturdayMasters WomenDragonMax Masters Women9:00 AM3
2SaturdayMasters WomenKDBA Ladies Masters9:10 AM1
2SaturdayMasters WomenWasabi Force9:10 AM2
2SaturdayMasters WomenClub SAKE Masters Women9:10 AM3
3SaturdayWomenCatch 22 Monsoon9:20 AM1202:30.72
3SaturdayWomenUnsinkables9:20 AM2302:30.97
3SaturdayWomenRip City Paddlers9:20 AM3102:28.42
3SaturdayWomenCastaways Women9:20 AM4402:32.69
4SaturdayWomenDragonMax Women9:30 AM1302:31.63
4SaturdayWomenCatch 22 Tsunami9:30 AM2102:19.35
4SaturdayWomenTeam Fusion Red9:30 AM3202:23.77
5SaturdayWomenSeattle Flying Dragons Women9:40 AM1302:25.90
5SaturdayWomenKDBA Ladies of the Lake9:40 AM2202:25.80
5SaturdayWomenOWLS Dragonflies9:40 AM3102:18.13
5SaturdayWomenSurvivor SAKE9:40 AM4
6SaturdayWomenTilikum Dragons9:50 AM1202:31.70
6SaturdayWomenAmazon Dragons9:50 AM2102:19.14
6SaturdayWomenWasabi SOAR9:50 AM3302:36.04
7SaturdayWomenDragonSprites10:00 AM1102:21.23
7SaturdayWomenPink Phoenix Heart10:00 AM2402:30.03
7SaturdayWomenMighty Women10:00 AM3302:29.98
7SaturdayWomenWasabi Impact10:00 AM4202:22.07
8SaturdayWomenWasabi Force10:10AM1102:15.49
8SaturdayWomenSalem Water Otters10:10AM2202:17.76
8SaturdayWomenRogue Paddling Club Women10:10AM3302:18.44
9SaturdayWomenPink Phoenix Soul10:20 AM1402:37.56
9SaturdayWomenAngry Unicorns10:20 AM2302:29.28
9SaturdayWomenClub SAKE Women10:20 AM3102:22.92
9SaturdayWomenGig Harbor Dragons Women10:20 AM4202:23.37
10SaturdayMasters MixedSeattle Cross-Cut Dragons10:30AM1
10SaturdayMasters MixedKP Dragons Masters10:30 AM2
10SaturdayMasters MixedDragonMax Masters10:30 AM3
11SaturdayMasters MixedGig Harbor Masters10:40 AM1
11SaturdayMasters MixedCastaways Elders10:40 AM2
11SaturdayMasters MixedWasabi HeartBurn10:40 AM3
12SaturdayMixedWasabi Grand Masters10:50 AM1302:25.79
12SaturdayMixedCatch 22 Hurricane10:50 AM2102:04.84
12SaturdayMixedFire Breathing Blowfish10:50 AM3202:21.60
13SaturdayMixedClub SAKE Mixed11:00 AM1102:12.82
13SaturdayMixedCastaways11:00 AM2302:20.88
13SaturdayMixedDragonMax 211:00 AM3202:19:12
14SaturdayMixedHighland Roosters11:10 AM1302:14.49
14SaturdayMixedSeattle Flying Dragons11:10 AM2102:02.48
14SaturdayMixedSync or Swim11:10 AM3202:10.85
15SaturdayMixedRogue Paddling Club Women11:20 AM1102:08.25
15SaturdayMixedTacoma Destiny Dragons11:20 AM2202:18.19
15SaturdayMixedPhantoms11:20 AM3302:23.78
16SaturdayMixedGolden Dragons11:30 AM1302:31.03
16SaturdayMixedWasabi Fire11:30 AM2202:07.56
16SaturdayMixedWPC Premier Burn11:30 AM3102:05:66
17SaturdayMixedTeam Fusion Red11:40 AM1302:17.74
17SaturdayMixedDragonMax 111:40 AM2202:15.32
17SaturdayMixedGig Harbor Dragons11:40 AM3102:08.45
18SaturdayMixedWilsooonnnn!11:50 AM1302:35.52
18SaturdayMixedMountain Home Canoe Club11:50 AM2101:56.01
18SaturdayMixedKP Dragons11:50 AM3202:17.65
19SaturdayOpenRogue Kaiser12:30 PM1
19SaturdayOpenTeam Fusion Open12:30 PM2
19SaturdayOpenWasabi SideBurns12:30 PM3
20SaturdayOpenMountain Home Ohana12:40 PM1
20SaturdayOpenDragonMax Open12:40 PM2
20SaturdayOpenSeattle Flying Dragons Open12:40 PM3
21SaturdayGrandmasters WomenGig Harbor GM Women12:50 PM122:14.96
21SaturdayGrandmasters WomenWasabi Impact12:50 PM212:14.13
21SaturdayGrandmasters WomenWorld Beat Paddling Club12:50 PM332:21.59
21SaturdayGrandmasters WomenDragonMax GM Women12:50 PM442:23.39
22SaturdayWomenSeattle Flying Dragons Women1:00 PM112:32.07
22SaturdayWomenRip City Paddlers1:00 PM242:34.72
22SaturdayWomenTilikum Dragons1:00 PM332:33.77
22SaturdayWomenPink Phoenix Heart1:00 PM422:32.69
23SaturdayWomenWasabi SOAR1:10 PM132:36.84
23SaturdayWomenCatch 22 Tsunami1:10 PM212:24.39
23SaturdayWomenCatch 22 Monsoon1:10 PM322:27.74
24SaturdayWomenUnsinkables1:20 PM132:36.16
24SaturdayWomenOWLS Dragonflies1:20 PM212:24.12
24SaturdayWomenTeam Fusion Red1:20 PM322:30.15
24SaturdayWomenPink Phoenix Soul1:20 PM442:38.13
25SaturdayWomenDragonMax Women1:30 PM122:31.77
25SaturdayWomenAmazon Dragons1:30 PM232:58.44
25SaturdayWomenKDBA Ladies of the Lake1:30 PM312:26.81
26SaturdayWomenRogue Paddling Club Women1:40 PM122:25.51
26SaturdayWomenDragonSprites1:40 PM212:22.24
26SaturdayWomenGig Harbor Dragons Women1:40 PM332:28.10
26SaturdayWomenCastaways Women1:40 PM442:37.06
27SaturdayWomenAngry Unicorns1:50 PM132:28.35
27SaturdayWomenWasabi Force1:50 PM212:15.02
27SaturdayWomenWasabi Impact1:50 PM322:26.33
28SaturdayWomenMighty Women2:00 PM132:37.23
28SaturdayWomenClub SAKE Women2:00 PM212:22.27
28SaturdayWomenSalem Water Otters2:00 PM322:25.10
28SaturdayWomen4th Heat 52:00 PM4
29SaturdayGrandmasters MixedCastaways Grand Masters2:10 PM152:23.72
29SaturdayGrandmasters MixedGolden Dragons2:10 PM232:18.84
29SaturdayGrandmasters MixedDragonMax GM Mixed2:10 PM342:20.09
29SaturdayGrandmasters MixedSeattle Cross-Cut Dragons2:10 PM412:12.35
29SaturdayGrandmasters MixedWasabi Grand Masters2:10 PM522:18.03
30SaturdayMixedHighland Roosters2:20 PM132:18.75
30SaturdayMixedCatch 22 Hurricane2:20 PM212:04.15
30SaturdayMixedTacoma Destiny Dragons2:20 PM322:17.27
31SaturdayMixedPhantoms2:30 PM132:22.33
31SaturdayMixedClub SAKE Mixed2:30 PM212:14.64
31SaturdayMixedFire Breathing Blowfish2:30 PM322:21.87
32SaturdayMixedWasabi Grand Masters2:40 PM122:25.82
32SaturdayMixedSeattle Flying Dragons2:40 PM212:09.11
32SaturdayMixedDragonMax 22:40 PM332:27.12
33SaturdayMixedCastaways2:50 PM132:26.46
33SaturdayMixedRogue Paddling Club2:50 PM212:07.23
33SaturdayMixedSync or Swim2:50 PM322:13.60
34SaturdayMixedTeam Fusion3:00 PM132:27.24
34SaturdayMixedWPC Premier Burn3:00 PM212:05.49
34SaturdayMixedKP Dragons3:00 PM322:20.95
35SaturdayMixedWilsooonnn!3:10 PM132:38.02
35SaturdayMixedGig Harbor Dragons3:10 PM212:13.93
35SaturdayMixedWasabi Fire3:10 PM322:14.22
36SaturdayMixedGolden Dragons3:20 PM132:31.94
36SaturdayMixedMountain Home Canoe Club3:20 PM212:01.99
36SaturdayMixedDragonMax 13:20 PM322:29.67
37SundayMasters Women FinalDragonSprites Masters9:00 AM162:22.56
37SundayMasters Women FinalGig Harbor Masters Women9:00 AM222:13.72
37SundayMasters Women FinalDragonMax Masters Women9:00 AM352:22.06
37SundayMasters Women FinalKDBA Ladies Mastesr9:00 AM442:17.65
37SundayMasters Women FinalWasabi Force9:00 AM512:07.58
37SundayMasters Women FinalClub SAKE Masters Women9:00 AM632:14.10
38SundayWomen D Semi-FinalCastaways Women9:10 AM132:28.22
38SundayWomen D Semi-FinalPink Phoenix Heart9:10 AM212:25.30
38SundayWomen D Semi-FinalWasabi SOAR9:10 AM322:27.75
39SundayWomen D Semi-FinalPink Phoenix Soul9:20 AM132:36.33
39SundayWomen D Semi-FinalUnsinkables9:20 AM212:27.14
39SundayWomen D Semi-FinalMighty Women9:20 AM322:32.84
40SundayWomen D Semi-FinalTilikum Dragons9:30 AM132:30.07
40SundayWomen D Semi-FinalRogue Paddling Club Women9:30 AM212:20.06
40SundayWomen D Semi-FinalDragonMax Women9:30 AM322:26.72
41SundayWomen C Semi-FinalAngry Unicorns9:40 AM132:33.43
41SundayWomen C Semi-FinalGig Harbor Dragons Women9:40 AM212:20.05
41SundayWomen C Semi-FinalRip City Paddlers9:40 AM322:28.55
42SundayWomen B Semi-FinalCatch 22 Women9:50 AM132:25.68
42SundayWomen B Semi-FinalSalem Water Otters9:50 AM212:20.73
42SundayWomen B Semi-FinalSeattle Flying Dragons Women9:50 AM322:21.04
43SundayWomen B Semi-FinalAmazon Dragons10:00 AM112:20.55
43SundayWomen B Semi-FinalWasabi Impact10:00 AM222:23.44
43SundayWomen B Semi-FinalTeam Fusion Red10:00 AM332:27.59
44SundayWomen A Semi-FinalClub SAKE Women10:10 AM132:23.69
44SundayWomen A Semi-FinalWasabi Force10:10 AM212:16.25
44SundayWomen A Semi-FinalCatch 22 Tsunami10:10 AM322:19.95
45SundayWomen A Semi-FinalKDBA Ladies of the Lake10:20 AM132:33.41
45SundayWomen A Semi-FinalOWLS Dragonflies10:20 AM212:20.70
45SundayWomen A Semi-FinalDragonSprites10:20 AM322:26.85
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalSeattle Cross-Cut Dragons10:30 AM132:08.68
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalKP Dragons Masters10:30 AM212:05.09
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalDragonMax Masters10:30 AM352:12.05
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalGig Harbor Masters10:30 AM442:10.96
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalCastaways Elders10:30 AM5DNS
46SundayMasters Mixed FinalWasabi HeartBurn10:30 AM622:05.74
47SundayMixed C Semi-FinalCastaways10:40 AM132:27.33
47SundayMixed C Semi-FinalWasabi Grand Masters10:40 AM212:20.31
47SundayMixed C Semi-FinalPhantoms10:40 AM322:26.96
48SundayMixed C Semi-FinalGolden Dragons10:50 AM122:23.16
48SundayMixed C Semi-FinalHighland Roosters10:50 AM212:16.89
48SundayMixed C Semi-FinalTeam Fusion10:50 AM332:24.43
48SundayMixed C Semi-FinalWilsooonnnn!10:50 AM442:28.53
49SundayMixed B Semi-FinalFire Breathing Blowfish11:00 AM132:21.97
49SundayMixed B Semi-FinalWasabi Fire11:00 AM212:08.74
49SundayMixed B Semi-FinalKP Dragons11:00 AM322:15.01
50SundayMixed B Semi-FinalDragonMax 111:10 AM142:20.80
50SundayMixed B Semi-FinalSync or Swim11:10 AM222:16.44
50SundayMixed B Semi-FinalTacoma Destiny Dragons11:10 AM312:15.64
50SundayMixed B Semi-FinalDragonMax 211:10 AM432:20.18
51SundayMixed A Semi-FinalRogue Paddling Club11:20 AM132:08.98
51SundayMixed A Semi-FinalMountain Home Canoe Club11:20 AM211:57.63
51SundayMixed A Semi-FinalSeattle Flying Dragons11:20 AM322:08.28
52SundayMixed A Semi-FinalGig Harbor Dragons11:30 AM132:13.70
52SundayMixed A Semi-FinalCatch 22 Hurricane11:30 AM212:04.45
52SundayMixed A Semi-FinalWPC Premier Burn11:30 AM322:04.68
52SundayMixed A Semi-FinalClub SAKE Mixed11:30 AM442:14.44
53SundayCancer SurvivorsSurvivor SAKE11:40 AM1
53SundayCancer SurvivorsPink Phoenix Heart11:40 AM212:30.32
53SundayCancer SurvivorsUnsinkables11:40 AM322:31.91
53SundayCancer SurvivorsPink Phoenix Soul11:40 AM432:36.38
53SundayCancer SurvivorsWasabi SOAR11:40 AM542:36.78
54SundayOpen FinalRogue Kaiser12:30 PM1302:01.11
54SundayOpen FinalTeam Fusion Open12:30 PM2602:13.41
54SundayOpen FinalWasabi SideBurns12:30 PM3202:00.45
54SundayOpen FinalMountain Home Ohana12:30 PM4101:53.87
54SundayOpen FinalDragonMax Open12:30 PM5502:10.49
54SundayOpen FinalSeattle Flying Dragons Open12:30 PM6402:01.21
55SundayWomen D ConsolationCastaways Women12:40 PM1202:29:82
55SundayWomen D ConsolationMighty Women12:40 PM2102:27.38
55SundayWomen D ConsolationPink Phoenix Soul12:40 PM3302:32.34
56SundayWomen D FinalWasabi SOAR12:50 PM1302:34.30
56SundayWomen D FinalPink Phoenix Heart12:50 PM2102:25.19
56SundayWomen D FinalUnsinkables12:50 PM3202:27.52
57SundayWomen C ConsolationTilikum Dragons1:00 PM1202:23.70
57SundayWomen C ConsolationRip City Paddlers1:00 PM2102:22.67
57SundayWomen C ConsolationAngry Unicorns1:00 PM3302:24.59
58SundayWomen C FinalDragonMax Women1:10 PM1302:32.30
58SundayWomen C FinalRogue Paddling Club Women1:10 PM2102:19.39
58SundayWomen C FinalGig Harbor Dragons Women1:10 PM3202:21.37
59SundayWomen B ConsolationCatch 22 Monsoon1:20 PM1102:23.48
59SundayWomen B ConsolationWasabi Impact1:20 PM2302:26.44
59SundayWomen B ConsolationTeam Fusion Red1:20 PM3202:24.13
60SundayWomen B FinalSeattle Flying Dragons Women1:30 PM1302:24.68
60SundayWomen B FinalSalem Water Otters1:30 PM2202:18.61
60SundayWomen B FinalAmazon Dragons1:30 PM3102:18.39
61SundayWomen A ConsolationClub SAKE Women1:40 PM1102:24.03
61SundayWomen A ConsolationDragonSprites1:40 PM2302:25.38
61SundayWomen A ConsolationKDBA Ladies of the Lake1:40 PM3202:25.28
62SundayWomen A FinalCatch 22 Tsunami1:50 PM1302:23.98
62SundayWomen A FinalWasabi Force1:50 PM2102:14.94
62SundayWomen A FinalOWLS Dragonflies1:50 PM3202:21.38
63SundayMixed C ConsolationWilsooonnn!2:00 PM1302:34.49
63SundayMixed C ConsolationCastaways2:00 PM2102:23.54
63SundayMixed C ConsolationTeam Fusion2:00 PM3202:25.69
64SundayMixed C FinalGolden Dragons2:10 PM1402:24.89
64SundayMixed C FinalWasabi Grand Masters2:10 PM2202:17.67
64SundayMixed C FinalHighland Roosters2:10 PM3102:16.80
64SundayMixed C FinalPhantoms2:10 PM4302:18.49
65SundayMixed B ConsolationDragonMax12:20 PM1102:17:55
65SundayMixed B ConsolationFire Breathing Blowfish2:20 PM2202:18.05
65SundayMixed B ConsolationDragonMax 22:20 PM3302:22.44
66SundayMixed B FinalSync or Swim2:30 PM1302:18.70
66SundayMixed B FinalWasabi Fire2:30 PM2102:10.61
66SundayMixed B FinalTacoma Destiny Dragons2:30 PM3402:21.07
66SundayMixed B FinalKP Dragons2:30 PM4202:14.95
67SundayMixed A ConsolationClub SAKE Mixed2:40 PM1202:12.17
67SundayMixed A ConsolationRogue Paddling Club2:40 PM2102:06.54
67SundayMixed A ConsolationGig Harbor Dragons2:40 PM3302:12.67
68SundayMixed A FinalWPC Premier Burn2:50 PM1402:09.14
68SundayMixed A FinalMountain Home Canoe Club2:50 PM2101:59.55
68SundayMixed A FinalCatch 22 Hurricane2:50 PM3202:08.61
68SundayMixed A FinalSeattle Flying Dragons2:50 PM4302:08.81
SundayWomen Bridge RaceWasabi Impact8510:31.59
SundayWomen Bridge RaceSalem Water Otters7811:26.39
SundayWomen Bridge RaceKDBA Ladies of the Lake6711:16.47
SundayWomen Bridge RaceClub SAKE Women5210:18.54
SundayWomen Bridge RaceCatch 22 Tsunami4410:20.51
SundayWomen Bridge RaceDragonSprites3610:40.10
SundayWomen Bridge RaceOWLS Dragonflies2310:19.62
SundayWomen Bridge RaceWasabi Force119:42.30
SundayMixed Bridge RaceWasabi Fire8710:34.96
SundayMixed Bridge RaceClub SAKE Mixed7510:03.13
SundayMixed Bridge RaceGig Harbor Dragons6811:01.26
SundayMixed Bridge RaceRogue Paddling Club5610:22.39
SundayMixed Bridge RaceSeattle Flying Dragons449:59.30
SundayMixed Bridge RaceWPC Premier Burn329:47.25
SundayMixed Bridge RaceCatch 22 Hurricane239:48.25
SundayMixed Bridge RaceMountain Home Canoe Club119:03.28


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