Individual Paddlers

Would you like to paddle in the Festival, but need to find a team?
NOTE: This is NOT for the Rose Festival races held in June.
Most teams practice all spring and summer, and several practice all year. If you'd like to paddle in the Portland Dragon Boat Festival, your best option is to join a team as soon as possible. Click on the link to "Find a Team" to select the right team for you.
Please only use this form after August 1, 2023
Individual Paddlers

Please note: Most teams have full rosters the weekend of the race, so there is no guarantee you can be placed with a team. We will do our best and will prioritize experienced paddlers. 

The best way to race is to join a team prior to the festival weekend, preferably in June or July. Go to and check out all the information for new paddlers. You'll find complete descriptions and contact information for all teams.