2023 Results by Division

2023 Race Results by Division


This is a dynamic table with search and sort capabilities.

  1. To find all your team's races, enter the first 3-4 characters of your team name in the "Team" field. All results will be shown.
  2. To filter by a particular division, enter that division in the "Division" field. Again, all results for that team will be shown.
  3. To look for a particular heat number, just type that heat number in the "Heat" field.  You will see the results for JUST your race.
  4. To SORT by any column on a tablet or phone, TAP on the appropriate field on the Heading line. For example, tap on "Finish Time" once and it will sort one direction. Tap a second time to sort in the opposite direction.

For example, Type "Women" in the "Division" field to see all Women's races (it will include Masters and Grand Masters Women's races).

Then, after all women's races on Saturday are completed, you can "tap" on the Finish Time field to see all women's races sorted by finish time. You can do the same to sort by place.

Please note: We will do the best we can to post the results immediately after each race. Please allow a reasonable amount of time, but probably less than time than it would take for you to walk to the command center. We will also do our best to post the afternoon heats with team names and Sunday heats with team names as soon as possible.